I Interview Adam Szymkowicz

Hi Readers, Tonight, my theatre company, Route 66, will present a reading of Adam Szymkowicz’s new play, WHERE YOU CAN’T FOLLOW, at Mrs. Murphy’s and Sons Irish Bistro. Along with being an accomplished playwright, Adam’s “I Interview Playwright’s” blog–   famous among playwrights and theater folk- is currently on its 610th installment (I had theContinue reading “I Interview Adam Szymkowicz”

The FDA’s Problem with Blood

Hi Readers, It’s been far too long since I posted an article, so here is a link to one that was published this spring. It tackles the FDA’s refusal to accept blood from all gay and bisexual male donors. Actually, from any man who’s had sex with another man, even once, since 1977. This isContinue reading “The FDA’s Problem with Blood”

A Perfect Match: LifeSource teams up with Blackhawks for blood/marrow drive

Hi Readers, I had a new article published this week in Chicago Health Magazine. It’s about a great cause: donating blood. LifeSource, Chicagoland’s blood center, teamed up with the Chicago Blackhawks for a blood drive and marrow registry in honor of 14-year-old leukemia patient and Blackhawks fan Emma Gomez on Saturday, March 23. A totalContinue reading “A Perfect Match: LifeSource teams up with Blackhawks for blood/marrow drive”

4 months later…. New Article in Chicago Health Magazine

Hi Readers, Wow. I didn’t realize it had been four months since I posted something. Yikes! Just because I haven’t been posting, doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing, though. Here is a new article I penned for Chicago Health Magazine. The jumping off point was a pretty nasty outbreak of fungal meningitis in New EnglandContinue reading “4 months later…. New Article in Chicago Health Magazine”

Parental Advisory: Helping Your Kids Cope With Trauma In Real Life (CHICAGO HEALTH MAGAZINE)

Hi Readers, The Dark Knight Rises shooting prompted my latest article, which examines how parents can help their kids cope with trauma. I was fortunate enough to interview Julie Kerkman, whose husband, Steve, an English teacher, survived a school shooting at Millard South High School in Omaha, NE, last year. “At 1 p.m. on Jan.Continue reading “Parental Advisory: Helping Your Kids Cope With Trauma In Real Life (CHICAGO HEALTH MAGAZINE)”

Less Touch Football: Pop Warner Limits Practice Contact for Youth Football Players (CHICAGO HEALTH MAGAZINE)

Hi Readers, My first sports article delves into Pop Warner’s motives behind limiting practice contact for its youth football players. ‘“We’re proud to be the first football organization at any level to pass this kind of measure,” said Pop Warner Executive Director Jon Butler. “We think it’s important.” … Concussions at a young age canContinue reading “Less Touch Football: Pop Warner Limits Practice Contact for Youth Football Players (CHICAGO HEALTH MAGAZINE)”

“OutServe Onward” New article on important LGBT military group (WINDY CITY TIMES)

Hi Readers, I’m really proud of this one. OutServe is an important organization, especially in a post-DADT military. ‘Lt. Jamar Green weathered the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Now, in the wake of its repeal, the recruiter for young officer programs for Navy Recruiting District Chicago serves openly. “If I feel that revealing a certainContinue reading ““OutServe Onward” New article on important LGBT military group (WINDY CITY TIMES)”

“Harvey Milk’s life illuminated in ‘Interviews'” (WINDY CITY TIMES)

Harvey Milk’s life illuminated in ‘Interviews’

Check out my interview of Vince Emery, whose new book “The Harvey Milk Interviews: In His Own Words” hit stores this month!

Excerpt:”The Briggs debate portion of ‘Interviews’ is as exciting as it is informative. In one televised interview, in which no formalized debate structure was established, the verbal sparring between Briggs and Milk reads like a teleplay.”

Bottom Line: “Interviews” proves a crucial read for anyone hoping to deepen their perspective of gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk.

On Playwriting: My Interview with Adam Szymkowicz

I’m happy to have been interviewed by fellow playwright Adam Szymkowicz, whose remarkable blog details the work and lives of American Playwrights. Q:  Tell me about The Xylophone West. A:  Often, the desire to explore a certain relationship will inspire me to begin a new play. With The Xylophone West, I wanted explore the unbreakableContinue reading “On Playwriting: My Interview with Adam Szymkowicz”

Great New Review in Chicago Reader!

The Xylophone West is RECOMMENDED by Chicago Reader: “Maybe the national discourse surrounding antigay bullying would be more constructive if we dropped the schoolyard term and called it what it actually is: abuse. Alex Lubischer’s confrontational and unnerving new drama helps to bridge that vernacular gap by lifting the stakes to where they should be.”Continue reading “Great New Review in Chicago Reader!”