Great New Review in Chicago Reader!

The Xylophone West is RECOMMENDED by Chicago Reader: “Maybe the national discourse surrounding antigay bullying would be more constructive if we dropped the schoolyard term and called it what it actually is: abuse. Alex Lubischer’s confrontational and unnerving new drama helps to bridge that vernacular gap by lifting the stakes to where they should be.”Continue reading “Great New Review in Chicago Reader!”

New “Xylophone” Review + Photo

The Xylophone West opens this Friday! We received this 5-star review on from a preview audience member: We took our 12-year-old and twin 11 year-olds to a preview Sunday night and they are still talking about it. My wife and I loved the story, acting and staging. The night before we sat through aContinue reading “New “Xylophone” Review + Photo”

Inciting Incident

We talk about inciting incidents when we talk about dramatic writing. What launches the journey of the protagonist? What sets them off down the road that will ultimately (hopefully) lead to resolution? When writing a play I have the luxury of knowing the ending before I get there, or at least the gist of one.Continue reading “Inciting Incident”