PIG.GOV part 1
a modern verse play in five acts
cast: 4m | 4w

(2016 National Playwrights Conference Finalist) Grace Pollock, the CEO of a hog factory farm empire, will stop at nothing to become governor of Nebraska. But to realize her destiny and oust the incumbent governor–former Cornhusker football coach Tom White–she must first cover up a quarter century of scandals while running the best damn campaign Our. Country. Has. Ever. SEEN! This Shakespearean epic casts women, LGBT, nonwhite, and characters with disabilities as the main players, zeroing in on the intersection of misogyny and power in 2016 American politics.
Read the first half.


a play in three acts
cast: 7m | 4w

(2015 National Playwrights Conference Finalist) Nobody from the town of Milton, Nebraska ever gave much thought to Bobbie before the tragedy in the cornfield. Eight years later, it’s hard for them to think of much else. In this darkly comedic new play, the town’s accounting of Bobbie becomes the topic of a documentary that’s equal parts American Violence and Midwestern Nice.

a comedic one act
cast: 2m | 1w
[black actor (late 20s), Latino actor (late teens/early 20s), white actress (late 20s)]

The sleepy town of Elm Creek, Michigan is about to unveil a billboard commemorating its sole celebrity—TV star and voice of a generation Kristen Prescott— just in time for her 10-year high school reunion. But the disappearance of a beloved corgi sends its owner, local video store manager Packer Healy, into full-on conspiracy theory mode (with the help of his intern, Horatio). All clues point to Kristen and mounting evidence gets weirder and weirder in this new play about getting even, growing up, and aliens!
Read the first two scenes.

a drama in two acts
cast: 7m | 1w
[2 white actors, 1 deaf actor (any ethnicity), 1 white actress, 1 Native American actor, 4 actors of any ethnicity]

After his arm is broken in a fight at school, Patrick, a freshman, plots to run away from his small Nebraskan town with his best friend, Shane. Their plan is dangerous and awesome: they’ll hop a train to Los Angles, then move in with Shane’s actor dad once they get there! Patrick says goodnight to his mom for the last time, then sneaks away to the train yard at midnight to meet his one true friend. Adventure awaits in this new play about the cycle of violence, the hope of transcending it, and the peril of succumbing to it.
Read act one.

a 10-minute play
cast: 1m

A drinking game play about breakups, bisexuality, and When Harry Met Sally.
Read the full script.


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